Chlorine Tabs & Shock Tips to Keep your Pool Clear

written by Pat O’Keefe, owner of E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc.
Chlorine tabs and shock tips to keep your pool water clear

Not all Pool Shock is Created Equal! Read your Labels!

A quality chlorine tablet; 99% available and 1% inert qualifies as quality tablet. Always read your label.  Generally speaking, one tablet treats 5000 gallons of pool water, so
If you have a 20,000 gallon pool you will use on average 4 chlorine tablets per week.

     Chlorine use is a function of temperature and bather load. If it is hot and there are a lot of people in the pool your chlorine consumption will rise dramatically.  90 degree days or heat waves will require you to add additional chlorine based upon your test result.  A 20,000 gallon pool may have to go to 6-8 tabs because of heat, pool use, and water temperature.

How often should I shock my pool?

I recommend at least 1 time every 2 weeks.  Once a week is clearly preferable to prevent algae growth.  Greater than 2 weeks and the water quality will drop and algae growth will begin.

How much Shock should I use?

1 gallon of liquid shock per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  Watch the labeling and look for 12.5% sodium hypochlorite.  Note that many stores sell 8-10% in order to cut the price. In other words it is a good deal for the store but a bad deal for the consumer. A 20,000 gallon pool would use 2 gallons.

You can also use bags of shock as well.  Once again be careful to read the label.  We sell a TKO shock from Optima where 1 bag treats 15,000 gallons of water. Why? TKO is a fast-acting, quick dissolving multi-purpose granular that sanitizes, clarifies, prevents algae and shock treats your pool. This bag shock contains 73% available calcium hypochlorite. Reading the label is key, as not all bags of shock are created equal!

Large box stores carry bags of shock that have 50% available calcium hypochlorite.  The state fire laws prevent them from stocking in their stores anything greater than 50% calcium hypochlorite.  They sell their bags for less because they are giving the consumer less.  When you purchase bag or bottled chlorine shock from us at E-Z Test Pool Supplies Inc., you get a higher concentrated, better-formulated product.

About eztestpools

David and Patrick O'Keefe founded E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc in 1989. In 1994 they expanded the business to include their first store, located in Plaistow, NH. Their second store located in Derry, NH opened in 2006, providing a broader range of service and more convenient location to Southern NH neighborhoods. What makes them so successful? Their ongoing commitment of providing exceptional service to their customers and a high quality product line that keeps their customers coming back again and again.
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